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It’s the most amazing time of the year to stock up your plant powered cabinet. Grab some natural solutions and let me be your personal guide. 

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Laura Bourne One-On-One Sessions

Select doTERRA oils and products are Buy One get One free!

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A new BOGO is announced each day.
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Mark your calendar for: March 21-25


Kickoff March 21st – grab all of the deals in one BOGO box, which gives you all of the oils featured this week, on one box. Pay for shipping only ONCE.

The BOGO Box allows you to take advantage of huge savings

You will have access to wholesale pricing (25% off) on all doTERRA products for a full year whenever you want to shop. There are no monthly minimums and no business attached.

What’s in the BOGO box? It is designed with tools to REST & DIGEST

  • Optimize Digestion – Terrazyme, Zengest touch, Spearmint
  • Deeper Sleep & Anxiety Soothers – Vetiver Touch, Lavender, Serenity Softgels and
  • Cedarwood
  • Blood Sugar & Weight Loss – MetaPWR and PB Assist

Welcome to Laura Bourne’s personal doTERRA



Community members private BOGO box class, join me with a cup of tea and your new oils, on Sunday April 2nd with how to use these oils, how to integrate them into your routine and strategies for success. You will have the excitement, momentum and support to integrate this into your lifestyle.

How to use them? I will be personally teaching a virtual oil class on Sunday April 2nd 7 pm EST – recorded and shared with anyone who can’t attend. You will have your oils and you can use your new tools and follow along while I teach.


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Laura Bourne One-On-One Sessions

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Any chance you want a free diffuser? If you add the Deep Blue Rub- you will also get a free diffuser!

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