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The real world is not always sunshine and roses.

We all face real pressures, stresses and time crunches every day. It can feel overwhelming. Taking a moment to pause, reflect, and care for ourselves can help ground us in our present and prepare us for the future.

Too often wellness programs are seen as a “nice to have,” instead of an essential driver for your business.

Laura’s sessions are designed to be engaging and inspiring. They’re packed with anecdotes, useful content, and actionable takeaways. She blends powerful life stories while breaking down nutritional science in an accessible way, leaving audiences inspired and energized.

Leadership transformed… through wellness

Signature Talks

The Resilient Leader


The Thriving Solopreneur


Get Energized


Everybody Poops


Specialty Talks

She Leads Herself


The HR Leader



The Resilient Leader

Show up as the leader you want to be.

To thrive in constantly-evolving, high-pressure environments, today’s leaders need one skill more than any other: RESILIENCY.


  • Simple, powerful tools to boost energy, and strengthen physical and mental resiliency.
  • Strategies to lead with confidence and avoid (or recover from) burnout.
  • Tips to realize improvements in health, self-awareness, and relationships at work and home.
  • Learning how to lead yourself in order to lead others effectively.

Ideal for: any size organization, company retreats, organizations that are managing workplace shifts.

The Thriving Solopreneur

How to thrive as owner, ring-leader, and main act

Doing it all can mean you’re stretched thin. You started your own business to succeed, not to sacrifice your health and wellbeing.


  • About the negative impacts of inflammation and stress cycles.
  • Simple habits, supplements, and nutrition tips to help you not only survive, but thrive.
  • Easy-to-implement health shifts to help you focus on performance.
  • How to lead yourself…to lead your business.

Ideal for: small business owner groups, BIAs, Chambers of Commerce, sales teams, and self-starters.

Get Energized, Not Overwhelmed

High performance habits to soothe everyday stress

When the only constant is change, it’s easy to burn out. Learn how to find time where there is none, and prioritize what matters.


  • Prioritize self-care to help you perform your best…with less stress!
  • Fortify your routines, workflow, and habits to thrive in today’s active work environments.
  • Uncover that elusive “work / life balance”.
  • Improve your creativity, skyrocket productivity, and enter and leave the workplace feeling refreshed.

Ideal for: large organizations, small businesses, any general conference or gathering.

Can be customized for leadership teams.

Everybody Poops

How #2 can make you feel like #1

Breaking down the science and demystifying the every day routine that no one likes to talk about…our digestion (and poop!)


  • “You are what you eat”…digestion and absorption of nutrients is critical for healing, deep sleep, decisive thinking, and high performance.
  • It’s time to remove the mystery, better understand your body, and transform your performance in work and life.
  • Laugh a little (or a lot!) as you learn about the links between digestion, microbiome, stress, and your overall health.

Ideal for: team building, organizations who are bored of traditional “corporate” wellness talks, groups that like to laugh.


She Leads Herself First

Doing more…by doing less

Professional women juggle it all, and are constantly asked to push themselves to the limit. Forget life hacks and techniques to “do more.” What if the secret was doing less, in a meaningful way?


  • Powerful storytelling, self-reflective exercises and prompts help audience better understand what it means to balance career, family, elder care, obligations, and deadlines.
  • Learn how the nervous system and hormones affect productivity, and how to work with the body to produce superior results.
  • Explore how to be conscious and consistent in creating everyday moments of powerful leadership.
  • Manage energy…not just time.

Ideal for: female leadership conferences, women’s networking groups, organizations wishing to engage their female leadership.

HR Leader Refresh

Because HR leaders need a boost too

Terminations, restructures, employee morale — HR teams have carried a tremendous burden the past few years. This refreshing, honest, and vulnerable talk will help you recharge, and rediscover your passion and joy.


  • HR teams are the nervous system of every organization, and it’s critical that they stay engaged and energized.
  • Learn simple steps, strategies, and habits that can transform your team’s capacity to lead themselves and their organizations.
  • Discuss how to support your company’s goals and strategies while supporting your own health.
  • Led by an HR professional turned Holistic Nutritionist who understands the pressures you face every day.

Ideal for: HR teams in any industry, any organization (large or small).
Can be customized for leadership teams.

This dynamic and engaging talk is a must-book for HR teams that support their businesses, but may be burning out themselves.

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